The Undead Valleys – The Welsh Aftermath

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The Army was going to massacre all his friends and people who knew them, to make them surrender. They burned houses, killled, and raped the women. Before the massacre started, he asked the soldiers why have they come to Armadillo.

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He answered that they had come last Friday to have a drink at…. They had win huges amounts of money from stolen gold. They were dealing with local gangs and criminals. Connor Callahan woke up in his farmhouse, in Pleasance house. He was living there with the rest of the gang, Dr.

Lane Davis and Billy Sanchez.

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That morning, his friend Charlie Burg was desperatedn to tell it to his friend Connor. They were pursuing him. He had to run. There was a p…. It takes place days after the original story, and is planned to be through both John and Jack's perspectives. It had been a week since John left his son at their old home in Beechers Hope, he had been riding for what seemed forever, running for what seemed forever, and finally, after years, after what he thought his old life would leave him be, he had to defend his home against Edgar Ross.

John remembered clearly, teh image of his son shooting Edgar, and the smile Jack had on his face at seeing Edgar die. John couldn't help but smile at how much Jack had grown to resemble him. John stopped through Armadillo, took a three hour nap, ch…. One night, as Connor Callahan and his mates were taking a few rounds, they heard a boy shouting for help.

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They stopped drinking and approached the child to see what was wrong. The boy had about thirteen years old, he was wearing old and torn clothes. Connor found an Italian accent in his voice and asked for his name. His name was Guido, he worked with his father, an Italian inmigrant, in his workshop.

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His father Francesco, was a shoe salesman. Connor looked at the boy in the eyes, he had been cry…. Connor whistled for his horse, and mounted it, then he galloped as fast as he could.

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He was pursuing the caravan. Seth La Valley used it as a distraction, he panicked and he was desperate to find a hiding place. A batallion of American soldiers and Marshals, went on chasing the caravan. They shot the drivers of the wagon and arrested the ones inside. One member of the gang told them were he was going, and the lawmen went to that direction.

Hopefully, Connor Callahan had brought a matchbox. He struck a match, and got enogh light to keep moving.

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  6. They started to hear voices, and shouts. Connor took this as an advantage to get some investigation. The tunnel was divided into two paths. They had to split up. Connor gave him a match and a magazine, they would meet at the end o the tunnel. As he kept walking, he thought he had found and end,…. Red Dead Revenge takes place in , 5 years after John Marston's death and 2 years after Edgar's death. After 2 years murdering Edgar Ross, 2 years after Abigail's death and 5 years after John's death, Jack has been depressed with grief, anger and sadness.

    Even after serving in the Army for a year, Jack couldn't get rid off the memory on the day he murdered Ross for good. So Jack decided to drown his sorrows in Blackwater. As he entered the saloon, everyone in the bar looked at him and then continued their business. It was nice to be in America again, Billy thought.

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    A rumor was spreading across the frontier, Seth La Valley had a gang, and even worst, a fortress, in the middle of the forest. Connor was a man who liked to follow the rules, just for the fun of beating people at their own game. He and Dr. Lane Davis, went to Tall Trees, alone. But Billy had arranged that the rebels would be hiding at the top of the trees, in case something bad happened. As they approached the place, Lane was nervous, and Connor too. They stood at the front door of the fortress, and waited for him to show up. The door started to open. Connor put his hand over his holdster. There he was, Seth La Valley, as he spoke he seemed to be very con…. They took hostages and expected the cargo of explosives to be delivered from Chuparosa. With it, they would threaten the lawmen to pay for a very expensive rescue.

    But in the middle of the night, a single man came, and informed the rest of the gang that the wagon was arriving with some delay, he was Billy Sanchez. Obviously, he was lying, as Connor Callahan and Dr. Lane Davis had stolen it and crashed it hours ago.


    The plan was working perfectly. Soon, a batallion of about a hundred rebels would strike and distract the gang in the middle of the night, while Billy, Connor and Lane would do their job. After Dr. They needed a batallion, a gang. Billy could get that for them.

    The rebels were full of hate and seeking for vengeance. In exchange, the gang got gold. Bars and bars of solid gold. They would strike in the darkness of the night. The sun stroke him directly in his eyes.