The Rose of Dismal Flats

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Therefore they deduce, Rose's defense is worse because they're a better defensive team when he's off the court.

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The problem with that logic is that units tend to be together, starters play many more minutes against other starters, and who you play with can also greatly affect what your defense looks like. For instance, let's look what happens when Rose plays with Omer Asik, Kurt Thomas and Joakim Noah, the three players who rotate at center. Looking at these numbers it's apparent that there is a strong correlation between Rose's off-court numbers and when he's on the court with Asik.

Dismal Creek and Walnut Flats in Giles County, Virginia

Asik has played total minutes, and his overall defensive rating is Even then small sample sizes can lead to wrong conclusions. However, based on the same sample sizes the detractors would use it as evident that Rose's off-court stats have more to do with who he's playing with than how he's playing, i. There's also the fact that there are other numbers that can be used to evaluate the caliber of defense a player plays.

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Judging by what he does while he's on the court, he's in the conversation for best defensive point guard in the league. The problem that comes up though, is whether his defensive rating is because of the help defense provided for by his teammates or because he's actually making defensive plays questions which should come up with Paul and Rondo, by the way, but aren't. They watch every play of every game and categorize the plays including who has the defensive assignments for every play. They track the initial defender on every play and then credit or fault him if the player he is defending scores or does not.

For Williams, I used his Utah stats as they are superior.

While they do have other plays listed, these three play types account for percent of the plays run against them, depending on the player in question. Overall, and in two of the three individual categories, Rose gives up the fewest points per play. In the only area where he is not the best defender, the spot up, he's second best behind only Rondo. In the areas where he's the most criticized, defending in isolation where he's accused of getting lost and not being able to stay in front of his defenders and the pick and roll where he's accused of not fighting through picks he's the best.

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And not only is he the best among those listed, he's the best of any starting point guard in the NBA. Just in case that's not enough, I wanted to check and see how many 20 point games had come against each of the five point guards this season.

In terms of surrendering big games to other point guards, Rose has given up the fewest 20 point games of any of the five, and he and Paul are the only ones to not have 30 points scored on them all season. If someone wants to make a statistical case for MVP, they shouldn't cherry pick their statistics.

Hong Kong’s working poor choose streets over dismal housing

A new entitlement to more mortgage financing has encouraged homebuyers to look into bigger homes. We will start to see new supply of these flats decrease from The decline is already noticeable in Hong Kong's property market.

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At the T-Plus building in Tuen Mun, the smallest flat measures sq ft, smaller than the footprint of a standard Hong Kong parking space. The developers Jiayuan International and Stan Group sold only two of these micro-apartments last November, before slashing prices by as much as 38 per cent in July. The transacted price was a three-year low for the building.

Hong Kong's working poor choose streets over dismal housing

Grade A offices in Sheung Wan, within walking distance from Central, sold for discounts of as much as 8. Komentar 0 Refresh. Pertimbangkan untuk mengupgrade browser Anda Untuk mendapatkan pengalaman terbaik saat menggunakan situs web kami, kami sarankan agar Anda melakukan peningkatan ke versi terbaru dari salah satu browser berikut.

Chrome Internet Explorer Firefox Safari. Photo: Tory Ho "This opens up more choices for first-time buyers and increases their purchasing power," said Henry Mok, senior director of capital markets at JLL the property consultant.