The National Basketball League: A History, 1935–1949

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As you can see I haven't updated the database since I think, like Gabe, that the section should be integrated with NBA section. A single page for Pistons, Lakers, Royals and other teams that moved from a league to another.

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Same thing for players, I think Mikan needs only one page, with stats from every leagues he played in. The current arrangement of the league and team stats follows the official history of the NBA.

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Using the same logic, you won't see any ex-NBL team demonstrating any of its accomplishments on the rafters of its NBA arena. That would mean that:. So they wouldn't allow their history being linked with a league based in small Midwestern cities with different operational values despite that having many of the stars of the NBL was the reason that the league survived. The history section of NBA.

I cannot be sure on this, but my guess is that the snub is more related to the founders of the BAA and their later supporters than anything else. Since, as Napoleon said, history is written by the victors, the BAA owners, who ended up controlling the new NBA, have revised history to suit their historic purposes. Their successors in the NBA have perpetuated the mythology because it continues to serve their purposes as they view them, probably from an economic, marketing and historic perspective.

For example, right now, the NBA guide includes a number of games played by Mikan in the playoffs many of them were coached by John Kundla.

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Find out more. After that we met and played at a couple of the annual North American Society for Sports History conferences, most memorably at an outdoor playground court in French Lick, Indiana. So I got to know Prof.

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So, if you want to know all the facts and the real story behind the hype, I recommend that you check it out. Good point Claude. Did you paly point gaurd or shooting guard? I wonedred that myself. But it goes to show that historic fact sometimes gets in the way of pro sports and their money. Once again, your research and contacts have educated all of us.

New Book Clears Up Debate Over NBA Start Year (1950)

The strategy has changed, but the same NBA story is being told right in our faces. First, what did the NBA do with many of the first black players to strut their stuff on the all white scene. How did the Association associate with Earl Lloyd, Sweet Water Clifton, and many of the first cats to open up the doors for Black players. What about the disgraceful treatment the Association has directed straight at Mr.

Yet, the Association continues to bring back old retread coaches who proved they could lose in the NBA. The strategies and the folks making the decisions have changed, but the results are the same! I went to Amazon looking for Prof. Recent emails and conversations with Brian Gaynor and Keith Ellis caused me to dig up the raft of notes I have from that day in Chicago 17 years ago.

What comes across clearly is how very proud all four of these men three African-American, one white were to have played on this historic team. One of my favorite moments of that Sunday in Chicago was when we all went to an old college gym for some photos.

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  • I brought a basketball which I later got all four to autograph for the photo shoot. I handed it to Hudson. He lobbed it to Price. Price faced the basketball from the left side of the key, about 20 feet out, and swished a set shot. Such a conference or meet-up would be fun, though I have to say I am a small player in all of this.

    I had the good fortune to meet these guys, and they are the ones who really got me into the research. Then again, maybe not. Written history is political. The Knicks and Celtics certainly have political clout. You know, my point is validated by the information that you bring to the table. You telling the historical facts about Pop Gates and Dolly King is another validation of what I was describing that crosses genenerations.

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