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You can also download a year's worth of printable lists. For more information, please call Judy at or email JCoon glendaleaz. Brown Bag Booktalk Reviews May 2, She is sent to a very obscure MI5 department that is monitoring the comings and goings of British Fascist sympathizers. While the work is mostly boring typing transcriptions of bugged conversations , there are terrifying times of action as well.

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As we keep reading, however, it gradually becomes clear that once a spy, forever a spy. This is an enjoyable book of historical fiction combined with a spy story.

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Some are easier to read than others. I personally find it difficult to read stories concentrating on Holocaust events. Hedy grows up as a fully assimilated Viennese Jew who naively assumes that anti-Semitism is only a problem for the non-conforming Eastern Jewish people. Her father, however, is deeply concerned about the world he sees Hitler creating. Her father does everything he can to protect his daughter by making sure she receives an outstanding scientific education and by marrying her to one of the richest men in Austria, the munitions manufacturer Fritz Mandell.

Unfortunately, the marriage is a disaster, but the beautiful Hedy gleans much technical knowledge simply by being in the same room with men who think of her as an empty-headed beauty. Hedy ultimately escapes from her marriage, flees to London and secures an introduction to Louis B. Mayer of MGM studios. Her screen career is now legendary, but did you know that she also had a technical idea that might help America defeat the Nazis?

That invention became the basis, in part, for the creation of Wi-Fi technology. Their mission was to revolutionize the blood laboratory industry by using microscopic drops of blood to run thousands of tests in mere minutes. Holmes raised millions of dollars in funding, and created partnerships with Safeway, Walgreens, and the United States Army for access to the portable machine.

At the height of their success, Elizabeth and her company were valued at over 9 billion dollars. Holmes is now awaiting trial for fraud. There is also a fictional account starring Jennifer Lawrence in production. Choo is a Malaysian writer of Chinese descent and received her undergraduate degree from Harvard. Her first novel, The Ghost Bride was a New York Times bestseller and this stunning second novel seems set to follow suit.

One of her dance partners accidentally leaves behind a gruesome secret souvenir. Ren is an eleven-year-old Chinese houseboy who also has a secret.

The lives of these two characters, and various relatives and friends, crisscross each other. Meanwhile we have men who turn into tigers, unexplained deaths in the district, lush plantations, ghostly dreamscapes and mysterious hospital storage rooms. The two main characters are extremely sympathetic and you will be drawn into their stories - JAC View this book in the catalog.

Eggers, Dave The Circle Fiction Eggers - The Circle is a story that raises many questions about technology and where it may go in the future. Mae Holland is an ambitious woman who gets a job working for the Circle, a powerful internet company, and she is so excited to be a part of something more. This is a realistic, powerful story about technology and its abilities, alongside the limits of humanity, all while raising questions about privacy, democracy, and how ethical lines blur in a technologically advanced world.

This time it is set in a later time period. The unnamed narrator of Past Imperfect receives a letter from his former friend-turned-enemy, Damien Baxter, asking for help in locating a child assumedly now grown that he possibly fathered in the late s. It is now nearly 40 years later, but the narrator is intrigued to hear from Damien as their parting as friends was fraught with emotion and anger.

The book provides a rich look into high society England in the s and is a cathartic experience for the narrator.

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It can be a rather a long-winded tale, but a solid choice for the Anglophiles among us. Four women, friends and family, decide to try online dating, while at the same time a serial killer is targeting victims on these apps. From the beginning, you know that one of the characters is going to cross paths with the killer, but you are then swept up into following the characters as they grow and interact with each other while they search for love and happiness.

Though it was relatively unknown at the time it was published, it was a runner-up for the annual Boston Globe—Horn Book Award, and won the Phoenix Award in It also was adapted into an animated film by renowned animator and filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki in This tale is no exception as the main protagonist, Sophie, must accept a boring life as the eldest child. Celestial is the daughter of a wealthy inventor.

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She is a talented artist; she uses her skills to make hand-beaded baby dolls. Roy is from Louisiana, the son of simple, but good, people. They live in a lovely home in Atlanta, given to them by her parents. Just after their first anniversary, the two drive to visit his parents. Staying at a nearby hotel, Roy helps a disabled women carry ice back to her room. The next morning, police break into the hotel room and arrest Roy for assault. Despite his innocence, he is convicted and sentenced to twelve years in prison.

Told from the viewpoint of Roy, Celestial, and their mutual friend, Andre, this book follows how each character copes with the incarceration. Alysba Binat is a year-old single English literature teacher at the exclusive British School of Dilipabad. She and her sister, Jenazba, have been teaching for the past 10 years because the Binat family fortune has been reduced to mere pennies. Educated at an international school, Alysba definitely has Western values.

It is her belief that her students should be able to think critically, not just be groomed as wives and mothers. Everything changes when the Binat family receives an invitation to a society wedding. True to the original novel, Mrs. Binat sees the opportunity to find wealthy husbands for her girls. Jena meets the kindly Mr. Bingla, while Alys attracts the attention of Valentine Darsee. Pete has a son, Kip, about to graduate from a prestigious high school academy and serve as a summer intern for the Governor, and Mia, a young daughter.

Leigh has college age twin boys, plus a beautiful teen daughter named Chrissie. On their fifth anniversary, Leigh and Pete go off to Greenbriar for the weekend. When work cuts the trip short, daughter Chrissie rides her bike over to warn Kip. Though he has had a few beers already, Kip drives them back home. On the way their car swerves to avoid hitting a dog and ends up in a ditch. Because they both seem fine, they just go home. The next day Chrissie develops a severe headache and dies from a brain injury. For readers who enjoy legal dramas or are fans of Jodi Picoult. This story is a heartbreaking tale filled with hope, love, and courage during the time of World War II.

Lale Sokolov, a Slovakian Jew, is transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau in April of and is put to work as the tattooist shortly after. This is his story about the hope and love he found in the concentration camp and how he vowed to survive the camp to marry her. Barbara Mertz is one of my favorite authors. She has several different series set in Europe, England, Egypt and America, but the Vicky Bliss series ranks among my top choices. This first installment in the series is set in Rothenburg, Germany in a medieval castle.

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Vicky is challenged by her arrogant, yet handsome, colleague Tony to find a missing masterwork in wood. The work was the last creation of a master carver who died in the violent tumult of the sixteenth century. Never one to back down from a challenge, Vicky embarks upon her adventure, sleuthing around Rothenburg to determine if the missing carving is indeed hidden somewhere nearby. Peters writes in a witty fashion, and has highly indulgent plots and characters, which are either endearing or grating, depending on how farcical a plot the reader will accept.

I, however, love the characters, such as the zany Anton Schmidt and courageous Vicky, and enjoy their adventures together. If you enjoy a light, romance-infused mystery set in Europe, give this a try! Once again, we have an author who takes a little-known series of events from World War II as the basis for a novel. She makes the decision to leave her native war-torn Berlin to live with her in-laws in the countryside.

The author writes the book as an oral history of what took place during the seventies. Each character describes their account of what happened to the band. The audiobook does a fantastic job of giving everyone their own voice, adding to the complexity of the characters as they grow and develop. This novel proves that Reid can get into the head of a celebrity band and express what it really feels like to be those people onstage singing songs they lived through.

Her accomplished memoir about Henry Zguda is really a model of what good Holocaust writing can be. Shawver met Zguda in , when he was eighty-five years old. He possessed an amazing memory, and an even more surprising cache of original documents and photos. As an experienced newspaper reporter, Shawver was immediately captivated. One of the most important things to remember is that Henry was not Jewish; he was a Catholic Polish political prisoner. Shawver became good friends with Henry and his Italian-American wife Nancy. She also traveled to Europe in in order to research the Camps of Auschwitz and Buchenwald where Henry had been imprisoned.

No story about the death camps is easy to read, but this poignant and inspiring story is really a must-read. Jenoff has written a story that is very loosely based on the true story of Vera Atkins and the women who served as agents for Special Operations Executive under her leadership in Britain during World War II.

The prize was set up after the Booker Prize shortlist included no women at all.

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Orwell Book Prize Shortlist This award focuses on political writing and each year awards prizes for the work which comes closest to George Orwell's ambition 'to make political writing into an art'. There are two book prizes, one for fiction and one for biography. Awarded for the best published literary work in the English language, written by an author aged 39 or under, the prize is named after the Swansea-born writer, Dylan Thomas.

Novels, short stories and poetry are all considered for the award. All genres and forms of literature are eligible, except work written primarily for children. Eligible books are by writers born in Scotland, by writers living in Scotland, or books set in Scotland.