The Ever After of Ella and Micha (The Secret Book 4)

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Ella is it for me. The way I feel about her is never going to change. I will love her forever. Micha is touring with his band. He just got a great o Ella and Micha have been through a lot. He just got a great opportunity, so he is in New York, across the country from his girlfriend Ella. Ella is more than a girlfriend to Micha. She is his best friend, his soulmate.

Someone he knows he will spend the rest of his life with. He was the one thing that brought me back out of my dark place. Ella is still in Vegas, going to college. She feels the same way about Micha as he does about her.

She loves him more than anything, but things with Ella are complicated. The distance is hard on her.

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Not only that, but her head is a mess. She feels broken. Not good enough for Micha. She really feels like it is best for him. God, why does my head have to be broken? I understood some of what Ella was going through, and I did sympathize with her. At the same time, it drove me crazy. She never wanted to hurt him, but she felt like thats the only way she could get her self together. People never mean to do things that are hurtful, yet sometimes it just happens, through an intense moment, through brief rationalization, or by simply speaking words that only belong insides on head.

Or simply by giving up for a second. People hurt each other all the time. Luckily, through all this drama Ella and Micha had their best friends to help them. Did I mention how much I loved Lila and Ethan in this book? They were both fantastic and I am now more excited than ever to get their book!

Lila is eventually able to talk some sense into Ella. The kinds where you know the other person inside and out. Where you can go through hell and back and still make it out okay.

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She even gets some closure with her family situation. Ella realizes how much she wants and needs Micha in her life. He is it for her. I want someone to be mine forever- I want Micha. And all I wanted to do was scream I enjoyed this book. I did. It was frustrating at times, but over all I was happy to get more Ella and Micha Micha is the BEST kind of guy. He is sweet, sexy, kind, understanding and just all around perfect for Ella.

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Micha will straight up steal your heart! Ella was such a wonderful heroine in the first book. I loved her to pieces I know she is damaged, she has issues. I get it, I really do. So many times I just wanted to yell at her. Especially when view spoiler [She lied to Micha and told him she cheated on him This guy is your best friend and you do him that way? I understand she felt that was the only way she could get him to go, but still- not cool. I forgive her though, and by the end, I loved her again.

My wish is that we would have gotten an longer epilogue, or gotten to see a little further into their future. View all 79 comments. I will say that this sequel is a good example of authors not knowing when to leave a good thing alone! Luckily, the author somewhat made up for this mess of a story with book three, which reads more like an extended epilogue. View all 42 comments. Oct 20, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: drop-everything-when-book-is-here.

Seriously all of it. You know since I'm fickle. This is HUGE! He was perfect. It made me want to cut-a-bitch..

She loved breaking his heart into little pieces So the story opens up with Ella having these recurrent dreams: Every night I have the same dream. Micha and I are standing on opposite ends of the bridge. Micha extends his hand and I walk toward him, but he slips away from me until he lands up on the railing of the bridge. He teeters in the wind and I want to save him, but my feet won't budge.

A gust of wind slams into him and he falls backward, vanishing into the darkness. I wake up screaming full of guilt It feels like we're slipping away from each other, and he was the one thing that brought me back out of my dark place. If he leaves me, I'm not sure I can hold onto the light Micha is touring with his band and it leads him to New York. Ella is in Vegas.

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A little distance Its a bridge you can handle. This is the beginning of when things went all wrong for me with Ella. I totally wanted to understand where she was coming from I was not a fan!

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She broke the cardinal rule!!! No recovery!!! Why would you just obliterate a genuine heart? And then go from this intense love Cutting the strings.