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It is your choice on what skills you need to upgrade, but do so wisely. The Lightfooted and Sneaking skills are perhaps the most valuable as it is of high importance not to be spotted by a zombie while trying to move stealthily. You'll never have enough supplies to last you the long term, luckily, there are various places you can loot.

If you're careful, scavenging expeditions can be only slightly risky but rewarding. Know the type of item that you are trying to find.

If you are in need of construction or farming supplies, find a warehouse or hardware store. If you need food, houses and stores will probably be the best bet. Before entering the building, plan your exit strategy. Medical supplies can be found in abundance in a couple of major medical depots, with one in Muldraugh and two in West Point. Make sure that there are at least two entry points on different sides of the building, be it windows or doors.

You want to be able to escape easily if zombies become aware of your presence. If you see a broken window, be extra careful, as this can be caused by a zombie that's inside trying to get out, or by a zombie that's outside trying to get in! Before breaking in, it's a good idea to take a quick look around the outside of the building just to make sure there isn't a horde waiting on the other side of it. Also try to get a good look in though the windows, in case there are already zombies inside. Climbing though a window just to discover that you're entering a room full of zombies is never a good surprise!

Always try to break in as stealthily as possible by going through the side of the building with the least zombies around it. Before you even try to break in, check if any doors are unlocked. If it is locked, you will have to enter though the window, simply move to a window and press E, and wait until it opens. Never smash a window if you can avoid it, as this will attract zombies. Once you have established that the room is clear, close the window again, this will prevent any zombies that may be following you from sneaking in behind you.

Some buildings such as shops will not have openable windows, in this instance you will have to break a window. Don't use the right-click command to smash windows, as this may result in cuts. Instead simply swing your melee weapon at the window as if it was a zombie. Be prepared to run and hide after doing this and keep an eye on the window to see if any zombies are attracted.

When entering any building, there is a chance that a Burglar Alarm will sound. This will quickly attract large amounts of zombies to your immediate area. Run away from the area and try to take shelter elsewhere until the Burglar Alarm dies down. Burglar Alarms will attract zombies from far and wide, so be careful not to run into a horde that's on its way to the house. Zombies will also travel 'through' houses that are in the way, by smashing doors and windows.

Try running back the way you came to the house, as you already know this route is safe from zombies. Failing that, try running towards the east, where there are less zombies lower right when factoring the map's tilt. A good tactic for avoiding zombies in these instances is to find an obstacle that's parallel to the alarm house, such as a long wall with no windows in it or an impassable fence.

As zombies make a beeline for the alarm house, they will have to walk around these obstacles, creating a safe pocket to wait in. Be wary of going upstairs in buildings unless you have a Sheet Rope on you. If zombies break in and you get trapped upstairs your only way out will be the window, which has a high chance of resulting in death on the first floor above the ground floor and certain death on any higher floors.

Unless you have explored the building before, never assume it is safe, whether it is the inside or the outside.

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Start out by killing any zombies that are inside. It can be dangerous to fight multiple zombies in cramped and small spaces, if you must face them, it's best you lure them outside to a quiet area and kill them there. Once the entrance is cleared, close all the curtains on the windows and if available and add Sheets on the windows without curtains or blinds. Enter each room cautiously, have your weapon ready and step back immediately release Ctrl if you were holding it, or you'll attack the door when you open a door.

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Pay careful attention to banging sounds. When you finish clearing the inside of a building, check to make sure no zombies outside have been alerted to your presence.

Never run while inside of a building unless you are in danger, because running creates noise which will attract nearby zombies. Certain items are often found in certain containers, and those container types tend to be found in common locations. Houses, for example, are good all-round locations to scavenge. Not mentioning less useful items, perishable food and Water Bottles are found in refrigerators, cooking utensils, seeds, and non-perishable food are found in kitchen containers, books and skill books are found in shelves, medicine is found in bathroom containers, and bags are found in bedroom containers.

Rarely there will be a Pistol or ammunition in any of these.

How To Survive In Space Engineers Quick Tutorial (Step By Step)

If you have enough medicine and bags already, it may save time to ignore venturing upstairs entirely. When outside, try to walk as often as possible. If you ever stumble upon a horde, you'll be able to run and dodge them without being exhausted. Aside from being more quiet, walking will also save up some energy for fighting without getting exhausted too fast.

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Every now and then, keep your eyes over your shoulder, as you never know which zombies will follow you. Holding CTRL and circling the mouse around the character will make the player look in the mouse cursor's direction, giving you the ability to spot your enemy before they even see you. If you ever encounter a horde of zombies more than five zombies , then the odds are against you. If you encounter such a large group of enemies, turn the other way.

If you can't, try to sneak past them. But if the vast majority spotted you, run to your safe house if it's safe and far away or just to another destination. Try to run corners so you can effectively lose the majority and make it much easier to fend off those who are still following you. About one to five zombies at once can effectively be dispatched by a Baseball Bat or an Axe if fought one by one and carefully. When fighting groups, you should use hit-and-run tactics, as zombies do not have much of an attack range, and you can keep exhaustion at bay every zombies you kill.

Try to spread them out as much as possible by killing the faster ones first.

Survival Gear: 10 Items To Survive

Use the corners of buildings, open windows and open doorways to create bottlenecks to thin out groups. When fighting a group, don't try to immediately dispatch enemies you've knocked down when others are still coming.

Instead, use the gap to line up your next attack on the next standing zombie. When fighting crawlers, try not to fight them from the front. Unless your attack kills a crawler in one hit, you will get injured and possibly infected , as the crawler does not get stunned from non-fatal blows. Instead, run around it and go behind it. The crawler has to push its body around degrees to get to you, so use its slow speed to your advantage. Do not attempt to fight against huge groups of zombies, since it would be a strenuous, long fight with time that could've been spent more productively.

Never fight with a firearm unless you are sure that you have enough ammo to kill several times as many zombies as you expect to fight since firearms will draw attention and are nerfed as of b Always shoot accurately, since ammo is quite scarce you will want each bullet to count. Try to fight away from your safehouse if you do fight with a firearm.

Always be aware of your ammo situation, never fight until the absolute last bullet. Always keep a handful of extra rounds so that you can use them when you need to. Distance is your best friend, zombies cannot attack you if you aren't in arm's length and it gives you more time to reload before they approach you. Moving farther and farther away from your enemies will always help you keep a good distance away from them. Also, if you hear a helicopter, go indoors then approach the nearest window and wait for a zombie to run past. Depending on the direction it is travelling in, be sure to travel into the opposite direction or make adjustments to your route.

This may not have any effect, if there are no zombies within several screens of your location in any given direction. If you are caught in the open for a moment with the helicopter, it will begin to follow you and lure zombies to you for a set amount of time. You are free to go anywhere you want, however, always try to plan where you're headed, what you'll be taking as loot and where you'll be settling in to make a safe-house.

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Vehicles are almost essential for long-distance travelling and hauling. Items can be stored in seats and the trunk, allowing for more objects to be brought along at a faster pace and not overexerting your character. Depending on the driver and type of vehicle that's being driven, extra items such as but not limited to gas , a Jack , and a spare tire to maintain the vehicle.

Don't assume that you're safe within your vehicle.