Spoilsports: Understanding and Preventing Sexual Exploitation in Sport (Ethics and Sport)

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This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Sexual exploitation in sport is a problem that has beset both male and female athletes privately for decades but which has only recently emerged as a public issue. Review : "Celia H. Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks.

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Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Spoilsports Celia Brackenridge. Published by Routledge Seller Rating:. New Quantity Available: 5. Chiron Media Wallingford, United Kingdom. New Paperback Quantity Available: 1. New Paperback Quantity Available: 3. Published by Spon Pr Revaluation Books Exeter, United Kingdom. Good Sport: Why Our Games…. See All Formats. More Than Just a Game: Sports…. Add to Wishlist. Sports Ethics for Sports…. Research Ethics in Exercise,….

Girls basketball coach charged with sexual exploitation, assault

Competing with Character. Pain and Injury in Sport:…. Sports, Virtues and Vices:…. Sport, Play, and Ethical…. Performance versus Results: A…. Sport, Civil Liberties and…. Right Actions in Sport: Ethics…. Sport and Religion. Values in Sport: Elitism,…. Performance Technologies:…. It is a fact that female athletes in African countries also experience sexual harassment and abuse from their male coaches as a matter of course in their progress towards sporting achievements.

However this has not been investigated seriously in many African countries including Tanzania. This can be due to a number of reasons including the taboos surrounding discussing the problem, protecting the harassing culture, and lack of resources for female sports. Uncovering the harassing culture for many institutions even outside sport has not been an easy thing for most of the women due to their positions in the society.

Most of these cases are dismissed by the argument that they lack evidence and un-assurance of confidentiality for the victim.

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This has also been common in higher education institutions in Tanzania such as the University of Dar Es Salaam. Situations like that are not uncommon in sport and it is made worse since girls in sport are less focussed on in general. For a long time sport has been among the highly suspect areas for girls and women in most of Tanzanian sport due to the possibility of sexual harassment and abuse.

This kind of situation has been among the reasons that many families do not allow or encourage female relatives daughters, sisters or wives to participate in sport.

Spoilsports understanding and preventing sexual exploitation in sport by Brackenridge, Celia H

Several participants in my study expressed the harassment issue in different ways. One participant said that all kinds of people are found in sport. Just as in society, a whole continuum from bad to good people are in sport. However, the professional ethics are seen to be looser in sport compared to other institutions of the society.

This requires that the women who participate in sport to be regarded as the victims or even just entertainers of men both in sport and outside sport. The participants I interviewed admitted that sexual harassment of different forms are found in sport.

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  • It was expressed that some men in sport use or manipulate their position in order to get sexual favours from the female athletes. However the victims, who most of the time are young uneducated girls, are looked down upon if they are strong and resist the perpetrator nobody can force them. The patriarchal dominance is not a consideration.


    It is assumed to be a valid point of view. When the situation involves a male coach and a female athlete it is difficult to call this an equalitarian relationship given the unequal power relationship. Most of the female athletes are young, have a limited chance to express their views and are expected to listen and obey. This situation is also based on the cultural gender relations especially between young girl and the adult man.

    Girls are expected to be respectful and humble to adults, particularly to males. Due to those expectations, these coaches can use their positions of power in trying to seduce these female athletes. They sometimes promise them rewards, such as selecting them on national teams or being invited to international tournaments. As one of my participants said, if a girl is strong nobody can force her. But what is the situation if the girl resist and look for support for encouraging harassing free environment in order to practice her sport career peacefully? That is, how is the sexual harassment accusation handled in the case the female athlete who has raised it.

    One sport leader told me the following.

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    I remember there was one girl she complained in the media about how she had been harassed by her coach. And when she said that in media the coach refused to coach after being followed by the media. I called that girl and gave her counselling. I told her its not good to bring such things into the media.

    Massao, P. However it was clear that, not enough effort or interest was shown to try to look for evidence when the matter was raised. In such circumstances, first there is a tendency of protecting or hiding the harassing environment to the public. This is a powerful argument used to silence the victim even by the women sport leaders. As we can see from this quotation the predator is given more credence than the victim.