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Look out for any sneaky behaviour and listen to your intuition when something does not feel right or seems too good to be true. On a more positive note, the Seven of Swords points out that you need to be strategic in what you do. You know you cannot do everything at once — nor should you.

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You may be able to accept some responsibilities or duties, but not all of them. Rather than dutifully following the process, you may need to find ways to resolve your problem quickly so you can move towards your goals. For example, if you missed out getting into your preferred course, you might write a letter to the Dean or draw on your networks to get a mid-year entry. At times the Seven of Swords suggests that you may need to put yourself first to get what you want, even if it means letting others down or putting others off-side.

The Seven of Swords could also imply that you are trying to escape from a situation that is not working for you anymore rather than dealing with it head-on.

You may attempt to run away from commitment, responsibility, hard work or love. You may procrastinate, letting problems slip and become worse because you do not want to deal with them. Sometimes you just have to face what has to be faced. You may doubt yourself and your abilities. For example, if you have started a new business, you may ask yourself, 'Who am I to be doing this? Get out of your head and trust that you have everything you need to make your new venture a success.

The Seven of Swords

Similarly, the Seven of Swords reversed can suggest that you are deceiving yourself, trying to trick yourself into believing something even though it is out of integrity with your true self. But the Seven of Swords is telling you that you must allow some irrational moments into your life because it is good for you to do so.

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You must let others in, so that they may help you when you need the help. When you are trying to do everything on your own, you become dishonest and fear motivates you. This is not something that you have to be stuck in because you have help.

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The Seven of Swords in Health There is a hoarding quality about your current situation in health. You are afraid of not having and so you surround yourself with items, both physically and mentally that crowd your existence. This could be referring to something as specific as your physical house or where you live. There is too much mess about. Now is the time to clean house spiritually and physically. Cleaning physically will encourage good health because you will be less likely to get infection from surfaces and rooms that are unclean, but it will also perpetuate your spiritual health because you will be taking action.

Reconsider what you are willing to work on at one time.

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Lighten the load. Work does not have to be your entire life.

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Reversed Meaning - Seven of Swords You must be aware at this time that there may be someone who is trying to offer you the exact advice that you need. You think that your situation is worse than it is. You need to listen to their advice. Do not sabotage yourself. Keep your mind open to the possibilities that surround you.

Seven Swords

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Dream Dictionary Over 5, dreams analysed. The Celestial Beam appears to be a single blade sword, but can actually be detached into a pair. The main sword is the size of an ordinary long sword, while the secondary one is smaller and resembles a Taiji Sword. When the smaller sword is released, it can fly around like a boomerang with the main one guiding its direction.

Hence, its main advantage in combat is range as it can be used like a projectile. It is used most effectively together with The Deity. Its blade is thick and heavy for strength and power, thus it was only used to help in mining, but was later given to Han Zhibang. The raw energy of The Deity emits energy waves, which can destroy light objects at a distance, and if properly used, can cause severe devastation.

Seven Swords

It is used most effectively used with The Celestial Beam. The Heaven's Fall is an elemental sword of water. Its design is especially unique as its handle resembles a flute.