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Nearby words sanguifacient , sanguiferous , sanguification , sanguinaria , sanguinarine , sanguinary , sanguine , sanguineous , sanguinity , sanguinivorous , sanguino-. See sanguine , -ary. Can be confused sanguinary sanguine. Examples from the Web for sanguinary They soon reached the saloon with the sanguinary name, and luckily found the contractor.

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Cattle-Ranch to College Russell Doubleday. The International Monthly, Volume 4, No. Derived Forms sanguinarily , adverb sanguinariness , noun.

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However, in the aftermath, its ranks were quickly replenished thanks to Primaris Space Marines. Unlike other Veterans, the Sanguinary Guard do not select wargear according to their expertise, but instead use weapons and armor traditional to their Order: the wrist-mounted Angelus Boltgun and the Glaives Encarmine , two-handed Power Weapons.

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Golden Artificer Armour girds their bodies, and baleful Death Masks cover their faces, while they leap into battle courtesy of winged Jump Packs. Depending on the situation, they may carry the Chapter Banner to war. All the Blood Angels' Successor Chapters maintain Sanguinary Guards, following the same colour scheme as that used by the Blood Angels, with the exception of the Angels Encarmine , whose Sanguinary Guard instead wear alabaster white armour.

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