Organizational Learning and Competitive Advantage

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Hoskisson, Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization. Hooley, G.

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How Corporate Learning Drives Competitive Advantage

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The Supreme Competitive Advantage Of Organizational Learning | Bartleby

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Strategy and the learning organization: A maturity model for the formation of strategy.

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Senge, Communities of commitment: The heart of learning organisations. Organisational Dyn. Mass customization: Implementing the emerging paradigm for competitive advantage.

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Are product and process innovations independent of each other? Applied Econ. Historical perspective: Using the past to study the present. Li, Achieving superior financial performance in China: Differentiation, cost leadership, or both? Hitt and J.

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Goldhar, Advanced manufacturing technology: Organizational design and strategic flexibility. Internal market orientation: Construct and consequences.

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Organizational Learning and Competitive Advantage

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