Leading Through Relationships: How to Achieve Success While Helping Others to Excel

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Readers will learn all the ins and outs of operating a successful business, including: Why employee motivation is not solely about pay and benefits How to overcome toxic energy in the workplace and replace it with synergy The value of hiring from within the company How the circle of sales means everyone in the company is a salesperson How to retain customers by making them realize the value you offer Why fancy advertising is no replacement for building long-lasting customer relationships When and how to delegate effectively The importance of keeping work in its place so it doesn t interfere with your private life.

Alan knows what he is talking about. Read this book!

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Many a CEO and business owner has written a book about all the great things he has accomplished as a leader. In the process, he reveals, unintentionally, what an astute businessman and goodhearted human being he is. I suspect Davis makes his employees feel appreciated so they love coming to work. How does he do it? Read this book. Whatever role you have in the workforce, Leading Through Relationships will give you the information you need not only to make the most out of your position, but to help you understand the duties and challenges your coworkers face so you can all work together as a team — and score a homerun for your business.

Most importantly, Davis knows the value that everyone in a company provides to the customers and he believes in appreciating them all. Psychologists have long attempted to link specific traits or personality characteristics to success in life and work. The problem, however, is that research often fails to show that the MBTI actually correlates to performance. According to some more recent research, there are certain traits that tend to be consistently tied to success.

Researchers Ian MacRae and Adrian Furnham have identified six key traits that can play a role in how well people do at work. However, they note that there are optimal levels of these traits. Too little of these characteristics can hinder success, but so can having too much. If you are trying to learn how to be successful in life, consider what you can do to nurture these key traits:. Conscientious people consider the effects of their actions.

Leading Through Relationships

They also consider how other people will react and feel. Life is full of situations that are not always clear. People with a great deal of potential for success are better able to accept this ambiguity.

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Rather than being rigid and inflexible, they are ready to adapt when the unexpected comes their way. In addition to being able to accept ambiguity, success often hinges on the ability to quickly adjust to change. Some ways that you can nurture this ability to adjust:.

If you want to know how to be successful in life, look at the characteristics of the world's most successful people. One thing you might quickly find is that they often exemplify great courage. They are willing to take risks, even in the face of potential failure.

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People who are successful tend to be curious about the world around them. They are always eager to learn more, including new knowledge and skills. Successful people are able to utilize competition to motivate, but avoid falling prey to jealousy. There are some important things to remember when considering these traits that are connected to a high potential for success.

First, some personality traits and types may be better suited for certain jobs than others. However, no specific personality trait can guarantee success, nor can being low in that trait doom someone to failure. While there are differences in opinion on just how much personality can be altered , nurturing some of these high potential traits might help you develop skills that can serve you well in many different aspects of your life.

There is no single measure of success, and certainly no single answer for how to be successful in life. Yet by looking at some of the habits of successful people, you can learn new tactics and strategies that can implement in your own daily life. Cultivate and nurture these abilities and over time you may find that you are better able to reach your goals and achieve the success you want in life. Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life. Rethinking stress: The role of mindsets in determining the stress response. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

1. Clarity of purpose.

Mussei, P. Introducing the construct curiosity for predicting job performance. Journal of Organizational Behavior. More in Self-Improvement. Build a Growth Mindset. What can you do to build a growth mindset? Believe that your efforts matter. Rather than thinking their abilities are fixed or stuck, people who have a growth mindset believe that effort and hard work can lead to meaningful growth.

Learn new skills. When faced with a challenge, they look for ways to develop the knowledge and skills that they need to overcome and triumph. View failures as learning experiences.

3. Focus on goals and getting results.

Instead, they view it as a valuable source of experience from which they can learn and improve upon. Improve Your Emotional Intelligence. Some tactics for improving your emotional intelligence include:.

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Paying attention to your own emotions. Focus on identifying what you are feeling and what is causing those feelings. Managing your emotions. Step back and try to view things with an impartial eye.

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  • Avoid bottling up or repressing your feelings, but look for healthy and appropriate ways of dealing with what you are feeling. Listening to others. This not only involves hearing what they are saying but also paying attention to nonverbal signals and body language. Develop Mental Toughness. Believe in yourself. Cut out the negative self-talk and look for ways to stay positive and self-encouraging. Keeping trying. Even when things seem impossible or setbacks keep holding you back, focus on ways that you can develop your skills and keep soldiering forward.

    One of the key habits of successful people is to always look at setbacks or failures as learning opportunities. Set goals. Mentally tough people know that in order to achieve, they need to start by having attainable goals. These goals are not necessarily easy to reach, but by having something to aim for, you will be better able to move forward and overcome obstacles.

    Find support. Doing things alone can be difficult, but having a strong support system can make things easier. Mentors, friends, co-workers, and family members can cheer you one when things get tough, and even offer advice and assistance that can help you improve your chances for success.

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    Strengthen Your Willpower. So, what are some strategies you can use to improve your willpower? Try distracting yourself. For example, if you are trying to lose weight but are having a difficult time staying away from your favorite snacks, distracting yourself during your moments of weakness can be an effective way to avoid giving in to temptation. Willpower is something you can build, but it takes time and effort.

    Start by making small goals that require will power to achieve, such as avoiding sugary snacks. As you build your ability to use your will power to achieve such small goals, you may find that your willpower is also stronger when working on much larger goals. Focus on Intrinsic Motivations.