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Jim Morrison – The Doors

Answering those basic human questions that all people have asked themselves. Then bringing that information back and getting into your rehearsal studio, getting into the recording studio, creating your music, creating your songs, creating your words. LSD was your foundation. Psychedelics were your foundation on which to build. The aural spectrum is the same. But on Strange Days , The Doors begin to show their versatility.

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My god, I played an entire song backwards! It was a great sound but it was insane. It was totally insane! And very little idea of its responsibilities either — certainly as far as Jim Morrison was concerned. But in the studio, it all depended on the moment. No matter how great the new eight-track equipment was, Morrison wanted this one kept raw and alive. The band acquiesced, then sat there for more than 12 hours waiting for him to show up.

He never did. Instead, he phoned the studio at 3am and spoke to Krieger. Krieger wearily agreed. They sent out people to find him but no go. They recorded the music with Manzarek singing lead. When Morrison finally showed — at noon the following day, 48 wasted hours after he was supposed to, John Densmore had it out with him. I even was a snob about rock. I mean, I knew about Elvis and Little Richard, loved it. But I came from a sort of improvisational, experimental background, so I loved exploring the edge.

More than anyone else in the band. Rothchild eventually broke the tension by suggesting they simply get to work. Morrison began whining about having to overdub a vocal that was always a product of his imagination at any given moment.

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But the track was recorded and Manzarek insisted he would simply cue him in. Much as he agonised over it, he simply could not get it down. Again, Paul Rothchild provided the remedy when he turned Krieger on to some super-strength black hash, imported from London, then threw everybody else out of the studio and recorded Krieger playing in the dark. When the producer then suggested getting a hooker in to give Morrison a blowjob while he did the vocal, things did not go so well, though.

Recording yet again in pitch darkness, save for the candles, incense and the glowing ends of several joints, and amid an entourage of whooping and screaming freaks and followers, Slick went back to San Francisco saying The Doors had scared the living daylights out of her. Morrison was already working on new material that would not see the light of day until the following year, like The Unknown Soldier and Five To One , while the band and Elektra did what they could to keep him focused enough to finish the second album first. Light My Fire , meanwhile, was still nailed on to the charts more than six months after its release, even returning to No.

The Doors, though, were never seen by their fans, or even their record company, as a singles-reliant act. The Doors may or may not have been the beginning of rock-as-art, but they were certainly the most successful end product of that idea. And it was something they brought to bear on all their live performances too. So we were a merging of both Freud and Jung, which might seem impossible but it happened onstage, and it upset the establishment.

There was just something about the power in the music, and that insane sexuality of Jim Morrison that drove the establishment right over the edge. Trying to keep a straight face, a compromise was finally reached with the now-famous scene of half a dozen carnival freaks, comprising a midget, a juggler, two acrobats, a trumpet-player and a strongman.

Elektra thought the shots too weird even for The Doors but Morrison loved them. The only sign that this was the new album from The Doors came with the glancing shot of a Doors poster, placed at a slant on the back of the sleeve, with the strap Strange Days slapped across the foot. Other than that, you either knew what you were looking at, or you were from the wrong planet. When the album was released at the end of September , it was raved over rapturously by a rock media already primed to receive anything their new favourite group did next. Their audience, however,remained unsure.

With no comparable anthem to Light My Fire to rally the freak flag around, the album tiptoed rather than raced to near the top of the US charts, eventually stopping off at No. In the UK, where the first Doors album had been a minor commercial hit but a major critical success, Strange Days came and went in a flash, without getting anywhere near the charts.

Two trashcans had been strategically placed in front of him to discourage the multitude of teenage fans that now routinely followed the band everywhere. On December 9, , the day after his 24th birthday, Jim Morrison drove with the rest of The Doors to a show in New Haven, at the local hockey rink.

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Just before the start of the show, Morrison was cautioned by a police officer for taking a young girl fan into a shower stall with him, where they had been making out. Morrison fled, screaming and gasping. Genovese explains his role in the inscription as stemming from pure chance: GSM stopped by the Department one afternoon, seeking guidance, and it just so happened that the right door was open. Genovese distinctly remembers GSM passing through the doorway of his office. Here, though, the facts become somewhat murky.

Jim Morrison

GSM had a rough idea of what he wanted the epitaph to say: something along the lines of his son remaining faithful to his spirit, a true believer in himself, constant and truthful and honest in his pursuit of an innermost ambition. GSM himself had been constant to his study of Greek for long enough that he could take a stab at composing a draft. He put the draft in a letter to Genovese, apparently shortly after his visit to the office.

GSM left the space blank so that he could fill in later, by hand, the Greek words. Only a photocopy of the letter without the blank filled in remains. But the handwritten phrase can be reconstructed from a letter that Genovese wrote back less than a week later. That word, beyond any shadow of a doubt, could not possibly have been daimon or any form of daimon. He would dip into the authoritative Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek lexicon, the Big Liddell as the unabridged version is affectionately known.

When Genovese cracked open the Big Liddell, he already had a pretty good idea of where in the corpus he might cull a quote. He went straight to the entry for the word daimon. The gist of the proposed epitaph had shifted back in time one whole era, from A. On the other hand, as a loving survivor, would you really want to put those connotations front and center?

The word daimon , he explains, has several meanings. The Hesiod citation in the letter underscores this point. All this makes clear that for GSM as reader, it was the New Testament alone that had provided his only unmediated experience of daimon in the alphabet of the epitaph. His reading of the word outside the NT came secondhand, via the Big Liddell and whatever translations he consulted.

http://oriflame.web-kovalev.ru/assets/razyl-come-acquistare-clorochina.php For his part, Fowlie, in his account, construes the placing of the epitaph as an announcement of reconciliation after 20 years of silence from the parents. Not a warm and fuzzy reconciliation, it would seem.

Jim Morrison - talking to an independent pastor (Fred L. Stagmeyer/Stegmeyer)

In early , two years after the installation, GSM mailed a letter of thanks and a photo of the new plaque to Genovese. Those lean sweet desperate hours. Time searched the hallways for a mind. Hands kept time. The climate altered like a visible dance. Night-time women. Lost in the vanity of the senses which got us where we are.

Children worship but seldom act at it. They know the secret of mind-change reality. A symmetrical angel. The Sun. Voices Touched? I slept on a roof. I met the spirit of Music. Running, I saw a Satan or Satyr, moving beside me, a fleshy shadow of my secret mind.

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  5. Running, Knowing. I feel their vibes thru my skin, the hair on my neck -it rises. There is no time. The movie will begin in five moments. The mindless voice announced all those unseated will await the next show. We filed slowly, languidly into the hall. The auditorium was vast and silent as we seated and were darkened, the voice continued. The program for this evening is not new. You've seen this entertainment through and through. You've seen your birth your life and death you might recall all of the rest. Did you have a good world when you died? Enough to base a movie on?