Intuitions as Evidence (Studies in Philosophy)

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Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Intuitions are judgments that grow, rather, out of an underground process They involve little or no conscious deliberation. Betsch offers a definition of intuition from this perspective: "Intuition is a process of thinking. The input to this process is mostly provided by knowledge stored in long-term memory that has been primarily acquired via associative learning. The input is processed automatically and without conscious awareness. The output of the process is a feeling that can serve as abasis for judgments and decisions.

But I am okay with using the word "intuition" as a term of art, bearing in mind that "intuition" in this sense is not to be contrasted to reason, but is, rather, the cognitive building block out of which both long verbal arguments and fast perceptual arguments are constructed. Surgical intuition: What it is and how to get it. Psychological Bulletin, : Bastick Intuition: How we think and act. Bealer A priori knowledge and the scope of philosophy.

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