Immortal of My Dreams

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For that painting, Vann sought to capture the essence of a young couple on a bus in New York City. Armed with headphones, they shut out surrounding distractions and appeared immersed in a world of private tranquility, thus the title of the painting. It makes for a strong study in contrasts when set beside "Riding the Bus with Man-Boy and Shaniquananda. However, I then promptly set it aside until Dreams was in the hands of my publisher and well on its way to the printer. The cautiousness I felt stemmed mostly from concern the Factfulness in question might be overloaded with an excess of data and abstract theories while ignoring the intent behind my own work.

The poet in me welcomes even more strategies and proposed solutions informed by compassion plus analytical insight. Therefore, acknowledging the hearts and souls that give often-referenced numbers their significance means a lot to me.

Level 1 would be home to the most impoverished and Level 4 comfortably occupied by the wealthiest. Levels 2 and 3 could be considered the international middle classes.

​Riding the Bus with Man-Boy and Shaniquananda: And Then Not

In fact, at this specific point in my life, I'm nowhere near it. But just by reading the book, it would seem, I at least possess Level 4 instincts, or qualities, and have adopted practices which may yet elevate my economic status. Factfulness essentially provides us with a framework and set of lens through which to view and assess the evolving realities of nations and individuals.

Moreover, how could anyone not admire the depth to which the good doctor's reasoning was by informed by his many years of service to humanity? Given my passion for real-life historical literary heroes who, somehow, managed to beat the odds against them in order to produce compelling classic works, I had to admit he just might belong on the same level as those very heroes.

He had, after all, devoted his final breaths to completing it. What astonished me was how often he presented stories of himself giving in to these instincts. In one such account, by way of demonstrating the Fear Instinct, he mistakes a Swedish pilot for a potential Russian fighter pilot and almost needlessly destroys an expensive air force G-suit to treat him.

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In another, illustrating the Urgency Instinct, he endorses a suggestion to prevent the spread of a contagious disease in Nacala, Mozambique, by setting up a military roadblock to prevent buses from entering the area. The result is one of unexpected deadly consequences. The unreserved humility with which this world-class educator and medical researcher shares his hard-won lessons is admirable. The need to confront and learn from mistakes, combined with the compassion often required to accomplish precisely that, is a major theme which runs throughout the text and art of Dreams of the Immortal City Savannah.

Some of the errors examined I considered my own.

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Some I did not. All required adapting to the demands of reevaluation and change. The story "Trees Down Everywhere," for example, presents a meditation on the consequences of denying the realities of climate change. It further considers the necessity to exercise compassion not just for people currently suffering the consequences of it and for "future generations," but for the Earth itself. Abigail H. Included in the appendices are statements are statements on community efforts to change the name of the Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge spanning the Savannah River.

The title story looks at how the horrors of human trafficking exemplified by America's historic Civil War continue to haunt world populations in It further suggests how exercising compassion and forgiveness toward an unexpected population segment impacted by the war could play a significant role in finally healing from it.

Anyone questioning the relevance of such an observation need only recognize calls for reparations for the descendants of Blacks who toiled in slavery in America for centuries continue to increase as the election for the next U.

Immortal of My Dreams

Other stories in Dreams , "Like A Brazilian Thanksgiving in Savannah" and "Savannah by the Twenty-first Century Numbers" look at ways a sense of compassion informs our approaches to such issues as immigration, caregiving, the historic impact of demographic shifts, dynamics of inter-generational interactions, and embracing diversity.

Because original versions of artwork included in the international first edition of Dreams of the Immortal City Savannah remained available for sale throughout process of publishing the book, there was some doubt about whether they should be listed in the Table of Contents. They are properly identified at the beginning of corresponding chapters but to further augment readers' experience of the connection between the book and its collectible illustrations, links to the original versions are included below in the enhanced Table of Contents.

Abigail Jordan it will become apparent that the book illustration is a black and white detail of a much larger original. Moreover, the sole non-original exception to the listed artworks is a cartoon employed at the beginning of the story titled 'Riding the Bus with Man-Boy and Shaniquananda: And Then Not. Dreams comprise one of the great mysteries of what it means to call ourselves human.

On one level of consciousness or another, we all have them. The point is one worth pondering as readers count down to the scheduled publication of Dreams of the Immortal City Savannah on May 1, Some experience dreams as waves of imagination which light up our sleep with unusual images or suggestive narratives that fill us with curiosity, doubts, desires, fears, or inspiration. There are also those who consider dreams in more purpose-driven terms: as in concrete aspirations, hopes, or goals.

Walker, and scientist Albert Einstein all experienced dreams, in some cases referred to as visions, which impacted the course of history.


Literary icons such as novelist Mary Shelly and Italian poet Dante Alighieri--not to mention more contemporary creatives like musician Paul McCartney--also experienced dreams which heavily influenced some of their most famous works. It may be a dream of home, of historical changes, future possibilities, or present-day challenges. The following synopsis suggests a partial answer in the context of the noted story:.

It was what Dr.

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Martin Luther King Jr. LightofDark explains this briefly:. You had to have five pieces of the Codex of Immortal Dreams , give them to Cowled One at a set time once a week. For that you would be trained in the art.

Trick to it was finding and collecting the pieces. They were Primes. The Cowled One came to the city once each week for half an hour, each time in a different place. It was the same time each week Locate him, get the pieces, get to him, get the art if you could Soon after, the art and the pieces were possible to get.

Some started to protect the Cowled One and Mind Blank him. Arts did not affect him, nor did any attacks. He would just extend a boney finger, hold up five, and wait. I think, actually, that first time was in Gloom, where I met the wonderful people from Union and Calenture Wait no, there was a time before that.

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In those moldy caves in Trinity. RavenXR had already used Strike against guardDog. I ended up a Soulsphere in the room with Raven. Was a bit Probably the cause of a few grey hairs. Definitely some worry lines.

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There were a lot of dreamers there every week. Like, take every single dreamer in the city now, and triple it. And that was just those who could make it that one evening. And I'm probably low on the number. At first it was a random place. Then trying to keep a Freesoul from getting the art I recall being force restored quite a few times at the order of a certain Union Senechal.

And a certain current Gathering Ruler being quite happy to ask for more so she could gain from more of my collapsed. But do I hold a grudge? You betcha! But, obviously, it was doable. And he used to extend one boney finger all the time I think one thing folks that got strike ever really figured on It was sad Strike sometimes cost us more than the one struck. He's no longer a member of any house. He's known to have dreamstruck an elder named Kaive, and dreamers named Purple Lace and Clarity, and strongly suspected of having also struck a dreamer named Black Beauty.

Clarity was one of the co-rulers of House Calenture at the time. House Calenture had been closed and Clarity and Kage were leading the effort to reopen it. Gathering was at war with them, so there was some reason for striking Clarity.