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Read on to find out all this and more, including key quotes and a thematic analysis for the final act of The Crucible. Act 4 opens with Herrick removing Tituba and Sarah Good from a jail cell so the court officials can hold a meeting there. Reverend Hale and Reverend Parris are off praying with the other condemned prisoners, which is unsettling to Danforth and Hathorne. When Parris arrives at the meeting, he explains that Hale is trying to get the prisoners to confess to their crimes rather than lose their lives needlessly.

The authorities then discuss the state of social unrest that has emerged in Salem after the jailing of so many citizens. Hathorne denies that there is any possibility of rebellion "Why at every execution I have seen naught but high satisfaction in the town" pg. Parris has already received a death threat in the form of a dagger wedged in his doorway. He advises that they postpone the hangings and continue pushing for confessions, but Danforth refuses because it would make him look bad.

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The officials decide that they will bring in Elizabeth Proctor to speak with him and convince him to confess. Giles was pressed to death with heavy stones since he refused to plead guilty or innocent to the charges of witchcraft. John begs her to tell him whether or not he should confess. She also places some blame on herself for the way things went down with Abigail. She tells him that only he can decide whether or not to confess.

John tentatively agrees to confess, but he refuses to name any names and then is reluctant to sign the confession.

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He snatches the signed paper away at the last minute and rips it to shreds, thus sealing his fate. Rebecca Nurse and John are then led off to the gallows by Marshal Herrick. This act takes place in a jail cell in Salem. Marshal Herrick wakes up the occupants, Sarah Good and Tituba, to move them to a different cell.

The two women speak of their plans to fly away to Barbados after the Devil comes for them and transforms them into bluebirds. They mistake the bellowing of a cow for the arrival of Satan to carry them away could've happened to anyone. Herrick ushers them out of the cell as Tituba calls to the Devil to take her home. Once they leave, Danforth, Hathorne, and Cheever enter the cell, and Herrick returns to join their meeting. Danforth is disturbed to learn from Herrick that Reverend Hale has been praying with the prisoners.

Reverend Parris is also supposed to meet with Danforth and Hathorne, so Herrick goes to get him. It turns out that Parris told Herrick to allow Hale to see the prisoners. Danforth is concerned that Parris is acting weird. Hathorne mentions Parris has had looked a little crazed lately and thinks it might not be wise to allow him amongst the prisoners. He said good morning to Parris a few days earlier, but Parris just started crying and walked away. Abandoned cows are wandering all over the place because their owners are in jail.

Parris finally enters the cell, looking haggard. Danforth and Hathorne immediately criticize him for letting Hale speak with the prisoners. Parris says Hale is trying to persuade the prisoners to return to God and save their lives by confessing.

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Danforth is surprised, but he welcomes this news. Parris then reveals why he called this meeting with the court officials.

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Abigail and Mercy Lewis disappeared a few days before. Danforth is exasperated and calls Parris a fool. Abigail most likely left for fear that people in Salem might turn against her. Parris points out that this is because all of the people who have been executed up until now had bad reputations for other reasons Bridget Bishop lived with a man before marrying him, Isaac Ward's alcoholism left his family in poverty. Parris advises Danforth to postpone the hangings so he and Hale can continue to push for confessions and avoid social unrest.

Danforth is adamant that everything will proceed as planned. Parris reveals that he has received a death threat and fears for his life if they don't postpone the executions. He begs Danforth to pardon the prisoners or at least give him more time to bring them around. Twelve people have already been hung for the same crime. The officials decide to summon Elizabeth Proctor to see if she will speak to her husband and persuade him to confess. Hale points out that society in Salem is on the verge of collapsing because of the upheaval caused by the trials.

There will be less blood on his hands if he can get them to confess. Elizabeth Proctor is led into the cell. Hale begs her to convince her husband to confess. Elizabeth reveals to John that many people have confessed to witchcraft, but Giles Corey refused to plead one way or the other on the charges leveled against him. He was pressed to death by his interrogators, but his sons will inherit his farm his property would have been publicly auctioned off if he officially died a criminal. Proctor has been contemplating making a confession, and he asks Elizabeth what she thinks he should do.

John says he has only refrained from confessing out of spite, not nobility. Hathorne returns to the jail cell. Elizabeth tells John that he has to make his own choice on whether or not to confess. John says he chooses to have his life, and Hathorne assumes this means he will confess. John asks Elizabeth what she would do, but his question ends up being rhetorical. It was just him standing saying lines.

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  • Our job was to find the role for Tom to play. What was he going to play? We created the cleanest guy in the world. We wrote that down. You want contrast. What does the most uptight guy need?

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    He needs something to disrupt his life and turn it totally upside down. What better than the messiest junkyard dog in the world? Our job on that script was really to jump into a work that just lacked story and character, and develop a world for Tom and a relationship for Tom, a love interest, as well as create scenes with him and Hooch so that we can draw his story out. Actually, Jim was right.

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    We had a lot of fun writing it. Then, as I recall, there was a little bit of a race between the two projects.

    leondumoulin.nl/language/fiction/self-catering-accommodation-in-mauritius-travel.php A strike was happening. We came out first but you won the box office. Jack : You came about six months before us, but it affected our movie.