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Bob Kunze-Concewitz, Chief Executive Officer of Campari Group says: 'In what marks a truly exciting year in the history of Campari, we are thrilled to announce the brand new Campari Red Diaries short movie in celebration of the centenary of the Negroni. The movie takes viewers on a journey into the world of Campari through the lens of the inspiring Ana de Armas, ending in an iconic celebration: N, a hundred years of Negroni.

With his incredible filming style and poetic approach, there really is no better director to bring it to life than the talented Matteo Garrone. As our mantra, 'Every cocktail tells a story', we are excited to tell the story of the Negroni and kick-start a year of celebrations alongside some of the best bartenders from around the world who share our passion. We hope the movie inspires you to 'Enter the Red' and join the world of Campari in celebration. Entering Red is available globally on Campari's official YouTube channel and social media channels and will be celebrated with a red carpet premiere in Milano.

Entering Red was produced by Think Cattleya. Davide Campari - Milano S.

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Close Menu. Open Menu. All rights reserved. Seeing a threat Glynda raised her whip and activated her semblance but her surprised Bill remained unaffected.

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Ozpin gulped and reached for his cane only to find Bill with his arm raised ready to make him disappear. Bill snapped his fingers making Ozpin disappear and he sighed. Vanishing as if no one was ever there. He took a sip of his drink and sighed, wanting to take another sip he raised the glass only for a bright flash to appear and cause his drink to disappear from his hand.

Bill let out a huge burp that shook the building, turning to Junior who backed up in fear. Bill groaned and snapped his fingers making Neptune, Sun and Scarlet disappear and he flew outside of the room. Suddenly Bill appeared while he twirled his cane and tipped his hat.

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It was a couple of seconds of silence until Roman cleared his throat and smirked at Bill. What do we owe the pleasure? You tell us what you want and we get something in return. I want to snap my fingers and you can get whatever you want, deal? They stared at each other for a couple of seconds, Neo smiled and waved, Bill did the same and snapped his fingers making her disappear as he vanished as well.

V was on a random channel.

Bill appeared in a bright flash, startling the two occupants and jolting them awake. The two looked at Bill in shock, Zwei started but Bill ignored them and floated around the room as he inspected the place.

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The bar was slightly empty only some random people looking for a drink and the bar owner, all was normal until Bill appeared in front of Bill, shocking the people and causing him jump off his chair. Atlas James and Winter sat in an office as they were looking through files for the Atlantian army while Penny just stood by the wall on guard. Bill appeared in the middle of the room causing James and Winter to look at him in shock, Penny scanned the unknown entity and started getting battle ready. James pulled out his gun and Winter drew her rapier, Penny jumped at him ready to strike but disappeared as he snapped his fingers.

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The two looked at him in shock as they stood on guard. White Fang Hideout Adam bowed to Sienna as he began his report and Ilia hid in the shadows listening in. Suddenly a white flash appeared and Bill floated in twirling his cane.