Dynamic Models of Oligopoly: Volume 2 (Fundamentals of Pure and Applied Economics)

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Qu'a-t-on appris sur la concurrence imparfaite depuis Cournot? In this paper we propose a general overview of microeconomic theories of imperfect competition.


For our purpose, we say that imperfect competition arises when at least one of the four assumptions defining a perfectly competitive market does not hold. Recall, indeed, that a perfectly competitive market must satisfy the following assumptions.

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First, the number of sellers and buyers operating in the market is so large that no agent expects to affect the market price by his own action. In other words, both firms and consumers are price-takers. Second, there are no entry and exit barriers, which means that any agent can enter or exit the market as a buyer or seller whenever she finds it profitable to do so.

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Dynamic Models of Oligopoly

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A. Monopolistic Competitive Price

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