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Is this meant to be an omen of how a future like the one shown in the Ananke storyline could come to be? What effect do you think technology has on our desire to read and our reading itself? JB: Island of Point Nemo is a double dystopia. One of the goals of this type of fiction is to warn the reader by pushing to their limits the dangerous aspects of a society devoted to monopolization and consumption. Same with religious and ideological dogmas. Technology, as we know, has no sign; it is neither good nor bad in and of itself.

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It all depends on the values that govern its use. Focusing on spectacle—the consumption of televised or digital images at the expense of reading time—creates a mental passivity in our method of accessing information. It is not impossible that this laziness gradually alienates us from the effort that reading requires, and eventually leads to a profound transformation of our relationship with writing.

Once invented, it cannot be improved. Do you believe literature can save people?

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JB: Literature —some books, in any case— has the power to change our view of the world, and thus to interact with reality. This is the power of imagination, of creative freedom. To say something is always to start to make it exist a little. When he reads the chapters of his novel to the factory workers at B bil Books, is he changing them, or are they changing him? JB: I do not think there is a reality apart from the perception we have of it.

That is to say, reality and fiction are inextricably intertwined in my mind, to the point that reality can sometimes be considered a lesser variant or bad copy of fiction. It is this transmutation that is at work in both him and his wife, as well as in all those who attend his readings. In the U. Why do you think this trope exists? JB: There are different literary genres—popular novels, detective fiction, science fiction, fantasy, etc.


I make no distinction between these books, whatever their genre, and others. So he tells us [. Learn to see! And at that moment he disappears. A book belongs to literature when it succeeds in this unveiling that makes visible, with reverence and the approximation of chiaroscuro, the complex beauty of things.

My view of the world is thus enlarged by the vision of another, and I am enriched, because the world is enriched by my reading. The literary event, when it occurs, flows through novels, aphorisms, poems, essays, and any other form of writing. I have not gained more knowledge from reading On the Genealogy of Morality , De rerum natura , or A Short History of Decay than from Gargantua , Anabasis , Last Exit to Brooklyn , or The Magic Mountain : with each I learned to see better for myself; each of these readings changed my worldview, and so helped me become what I am.

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  • The monsters in the Ananke storyline are more viscerally horrifying for example, the deep-sea creatures that the crew of the ship Black Orpheus encounters as they near Point Nemo, or worse the foul murderer the Noh Straddler. What makes a real monster? JB: According to its Latin etymology, monstrosity is a wonder, an aberration that one points at, unable to find the right words to name it. Moral deformities, however, continue to cause problems. Pour ce vrai crime, Flaubert se retrouva en correctionnelle. Il permet enfin un premier jugement : retient-il notre attention?

    Le moindre vent qui d'aventure. Fait rider la face de l'eau,. Dont je couvre le voisinage,. Mais vous naissez le plus souvent. Le plus terrible des enfants.

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    L'Arbre tient bon ; le Roseau plie. Le vent redouble ses efforts,. Lire en cliquant sur l'image l'incipit et l'excipit du roman de Maupassant, Bel-Ami. Quelles conclusions est-il possible d'en tirer?

    Marianne et Octave, Les Caprices de Marianne. Octave est-il alors devenu un "opposant"? En quoi cette nouvelle s'inscrit-elle dans le registre fantastique? Pour s'exercer Anticiper le contenu de l'oeuvre. Le paratexte. Pas un seul petit morceau De mouche ou de vermisseau. Que faisiez-vous au temps chaud?

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    Vous chantiez? La Nature envers vous me semble bien injuste. Je plie, et ne romps pas.