Did Jesus Ever Get A Cold?

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That night one of my sons woke us, crying as the stomach virus hit with all the unpleasantness that brings. Would Mary have ever watched her little firstborn in the throes of such sickness? No matter how orthodox our doctrine, we all tend to want to think of Jesus as a two-dimensional figure with a shaft of light squarely fixed on his forehead.

What was Jesus’s Real Name?

The very beginning of the Christ story itself tells us that part of the sign of the Messiah is that he is wrapped in cloths Lk. Why do you wrap cloths around a baby?

Hot, Cold, and Lukewarm

For the same reason you might diaper your baby, or wrap her up in a blanket. The point is to keep the baby warm, and to keep him dry from waste. This signifies from the very beginning just how much Jesus is our brother, sharing with us a human nervous system and a human digestive system.

Jesus walked into a world fallen with sin, a world cursed by thorns, death, and, yes, sickness. Though Jesus clearly had power of sickness in his healing ministry, and over death itself, he voluntarily joined us in a world of suffering and pain, for the purpose of offering up a sacrifice and restoring human peace with God and nature. This is why Jesus weathered the suffering of temptation. This is why he hungered and thirsted. This is why he experienced the death and desertion of friends. This is why he shuddered in blood-soaked anguish at Gethsemane at the prospect of his execution. And this is why he was beaten, humiliated, and spiked through with nails.

Jesus was exempt from no aspect of our human condition, except for our rebellion. He was not exempt from something as common as sickness. Thus after expending so much energy, even in paradise, we would need to be refreshed. Is getting sick part of being human? No, that's a result of being a sinful human being. Just like anger is murder in seed form, all sickness is death in seed form, to which we are subject because it is the appropriate wage of sin. The Son of God, in the integrity of his theanthropic person, was not subject to death though he willingly laid down his life for us.

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Because he thirsted and grew tired does not mean that he would automatically get sick and die. And is Athanasius saying that he was incapable of becoming sick or that it would have been unfitting for him? On more than one occasion, Athanasius, in De Incarnatione, employs language that seems to imply necessity when in fact his concern is seemliness. I am not making a full-court press defense of Athanasius here, just trying to explore what he might be getting at. The fathers of the fourth and fifth centuries were much keener, and more sensitive, with respect to these intricate matters about the person of Christ than we tend to be.

It's not easy to hold together the fact that He was truly God and truly man.

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We emphasize one and tend to lose sight of the other. In the whole of his work, Athanasius is trying to hold this together, so we might want to read him carefully and disagree only reluctantly. Read Leo's Tome for the best attempt at expressing the great mystery of the two natures in one person, captured at Chalcedon in the formulary, "two natures which undergo no confusion, no change, no division, no separation; at no point was the difference between the natures taken away through the union but rather the property of both natures is preserved and comes together into a single person and a single subsistent being; he is not parted or divided into two persons, but is one and the same only-begotten Son, God, Word, Lord Jesus Christ.

Peace, Alan.

The Reason People Get Sick

Jan 3, 6. If Our Lord grew older, biologically speaking, He could have become sick In my most humble opinion. It is natural for healthy cells to become infected when exposed to disease, and the possibility is real that He could have died if He became infected with many diseases in the post fall world, outside of the garden. Of course the "possibility" of Jesus dying any death other than the cross is an impossibility from how His Father ordained to come to pass. Jan 3, 7. The result of dying from a lack of blood or via asphyxiation on a cross is no different than a disease killing from within.

Our Lord gave up His spirit before He succumbed to the natural death which would have come if He had not done so. Which once again was impossible according to what was ordained. Jan 3, 8. Christ suffered throughout His life not because of His own sin, but because of that of others.

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This included e. I do not see why as part of that suffering for His people, and with His people, that He could not have undergone e. Whether he did or not is speculation because we're not explicitly told one way or another, but I see no theological reason why not, as being a siness man, yet carrying the sins of His people.

Did Jesus Ever Get a Stomach Virus? - Russell Moore

Jan 3, 9. Jan 3, Concerning aging: In the Old Testament, you couldn't offer an old animal for sacrifice. I cannot imagine that he began to "age" but had only stopped "maturing" at the time of His death. Jan 11, Also if Our Lord died while having a cold, His moral or perfect perfection would not be in question.

senrei-exorcism.com/images/mspy/how-to-location-cell-phone-meizu-x8.php Jan 12, I don't believe Jesus had grey hair either.