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With over a hundred acting credits to his name, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more productive actor in the business than Willem Dafoe. We still have a long way to go when it comes to racism and representations in movies and TV shows, but we can at least The only superhero movie that dared give the public what they wanted and had an octopus play the drums? Robert Downey Jr. As they say in comics, no one really stays dead in comics.

The comedy producer has given us some of the best and some of the most Legendary director and self-proclaimed defender of cinema against the dark arts of superhero movies, Martin Scorsese, has apparently taken a break from answering an endless Much love to the alluded above, and more love to those unmentioned; too many books, too little text. But we must pick, and so we shall.

Steel Crow Saga by Paul Krueger was so good, it made me furious.

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A tale of dismantling colonialism, eviscerating imperialism, PTSD, queer love, family, and magical, animal soul-bonding make this novel a true delight. The Light Brigade by Kameron Hurley is damn near perfect. Dietz is unstuck in time, turned into light again and again, in an unending war. What happens when a novel covering decades of history takes a swerve towards the speculative?

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Parker, but it resonates throughout three of my favorite novels this year. Steel Tide picks up where Seafire left off, a post-apocalyptic piratical girl gang fighting cruel, powerful men. Caledonia is compelled to confront her own morality as she schemes against the encroaching danger of her enemies. Pisces reminds her: we might make vicious choices in the revolution, but without them, nothing will change.

We just have to remember our humanity in the process. But once a world is confident the monsters are gone, it forgets that monstrosity is always insidious.

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Jam, a trans girl with selective mutism, partners with an otherworldly creature to fight a monster no one else wants to believe in. I love how this gutpunch of a novel challenges complacency and deconstructs every binary—including that of angel vs. I love just as deeply the love in this book, the different shapes of families: the love in Pet is intimate and tight-knit, and sprawling, queer, and polyam too. Pet knows how horrifying and familiar monstrosity can be, and that justice must be proactive, ongoing. All Dani wants is to be the best Primera she can be to the most influential young man in Medio.

Its paperback release is around the corner, so hopefully many more people will treat themselves to it.

One welcome development of was the long-awaited return to print of R. I wrote about The Best of R. Lafferty elsewhere. Thomas More on a utopian planet, but I was thrilled to see it return to shelves courtesy of the Library of America. The Future of Another Timeline by Annalee Newitz and To Be Taught, if Fortunate by Becky Chambers are both breath-taking books that have earned a place in the long historical tradition of intensely feminist science fiction, for me.

Each is invested in questions of social progress, oppression, science, and ethical engagement to the world as well as other people ; each offers equal measures of philosophy and intimacy, kindness and grit, realism and wondrousness. Movies 2 days ago. Movies a day ago. Movies 4 days ago. Movies 5 days ago. Shopping 2 hours ago. Movies 6 hours ago.

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